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Welcome to Educare Online

Educare Online has been established to promote understanding and practice of universal Human Values in daily life through formal and informal education. 

The aim of “Educare Online” is to promote good character through programs based on the five fundamental Human Values of:

  • Truth
  • Love
  • Right-Action
  • Peace
  • Non-violence
Knowledge and skills to make right choices are considered important learning objectives in early childhood.  This site has been established to share teaching and learning resources in Human Values with teachers, community workers and parents.  In keeping with universal nature of Human Values the resources on this site will be free from any bias of religion or creed.

The “EHV Program – Excellence through Human Values” employs the context of five Human Values for lessons.  It is developed and used in Australia and in several overseas countries as well.

“Educare Online” is pleased to offer this extensive program now as a free download.  Please visit Programs and Download pages for more information.  Register HERE for free access to download the entire program. Please note - this program including the songs is NOT to be used for commercial purposes.

Other exciting community programs in Education in Human Values for adults will soon be available on this site.

Sample Lesson 1

Sample Lesson 2