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“EHV Program – Excellence through Human Values” for Early Childhood and Lower Primary. 

Educators and Parents have a special responsibility to lay a strong foundation for peaceful, ethical and productive lives in early childhood. This is the period when personality is particularly pliable and the blue-print of character is laid. Good quality early childhood programs develop the “whole child” by stimulating all the personality domains in a holistic manner.

Designed to complement the Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council Unit CHCECE010 (“Support the holistic development of children in early childhood”), this program gives a concise framework of Human Values for such a development through forty lessons. As the learning is rapid in early childhood the values and character attributes progressively increase in cognitive and emotional complexity through the program.

The basic philosophy that underpins “EHV Program – Excellence through Human Values” is the natural striving in every child to achieve a positive self-identity. The program realises this goal by developing competencies in all personality domains of the child – Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social and Spiritual.

The aims of the EHV Program are to:

  • Develop inner moral compass of children by supporting cognitive, affective and behavioural maps of Human Values so that they form clear concepts of values and character attributes. This enables children to accept responsibility for their state of mind and actions.
  • Enhance sensitivity to moral cues and establish good relations with  others by becoming aware of interdependence
  • Increase their capacity to identify and express positive emotions and refrain from acting on negative impulses 
  • promote personal integrity and the capacity to set priorities
This Program is presented in three Volumes

A Handbook for Teachers

The Handbook for Teachers is research based. It gives teachers:

  • An understanding of the philosophy of EHV
  • Deeper knowledge of the five Human Values
  • Details of the Teaching Techniques for creating a culture of Human Values
Teachers’ Resource I and Teachers’ Resource II

Main features of the program are:

  • Forty detailed EHV lessons that may be delivered over two years
  • Children relate positively with the images of indigenous Australian animals for the five Human Values and dolphin for harmony
  • Parent Link newsletter enables parents to have information to reinforce at home the focus value in school.
  • Children become immersed in a culture of values in both institutions that shape their character.
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Sample Lesson 1

Sample Lesson 2